02-09 The Gillies Fundraiser for Papyrus - JLawrence Photography

The Gillies Fundraiser for Papyrus

Mental health has only recently been realised as a big issue in the UK, as The Gillies front man Lucas Edwards, and Bassist Kristian Edwards, both know too well.

This event was in memory of their brother, who was one of hundreds of young people to commit suite ode every year. The event was raising money for Papyrus UK, a charity aimed at the prevention of suicide in young people.

The crowd were really up for it and with some top quality Moshing and an array of energetic performances. If you know anyone who needs someone to talk to, either for advice or regarding suicidal thoughts, contact Papyrus through their website. As a charity donations are extremely important, so if you can please give a donation through their site.

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