Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

As per usual, the Joiners Live music venue in Southampton managed to put on a show beyond its size. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown spent last year on tour with ACDC, both with Brian Johnson and his replacement Axl Rose. So far this year they have been supporting Aerosmith on what is their farewell tour. They enjoyed a headline act at the Joiners before going off to Download prior to touring with Guns and Roses! Spot the small venue! So credit to the people at the Joiners for their hard work and dedication that allows big bands to visit the local music scene.

And as for Tyler and his band, I have nothing but positives to say. Their electric performance and rock and blues was matched by how friendly and and open they were before and after the show. I see a lot of smaller bands on tour with an entourage of 5+ people and disappear to the green room. Tyler and his whole band had one roadie and took the time to speak to everyone working there that night.

The Gypsy Tree, from Southampton, were the first support act, and were a very accomplished set of musicians. The lead guitarist showed that you don't need a massive pedal board to make a great sound - plugging straight into his amp he wailed like a trooper.

The Villanovas are Bournemouth based and are up and coming in the world of rock and blues. Front man Brett Smith-Daniels has an incredible voice, pulling the whole band together for a modern twist on the old school blues rock sound. Two of the band members were unavailable, however their replacements, who had only driven down that day, did an astonishing job and no-one was the wiser that this was the first time they had played live together.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the night here, or see the full set on the link below. 


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