Higher Power at the Joiners

So I am going to start in order of play for this blog, as the first band was Bournemouth based Dustlight, who are an alt grunge band and were very much more my thing. They are quite young and had a few technical issues during soundcheck, but through their growing experience they played a fantastic set at the Joiners in Southampton. 

Playing an alt grunge set, Dustlight were certainly playing more of my kind of music on the night, and I believe they gave a good impression on the organisers at the Joiners. I decided to have a bit of fun with some long exposure shots, so check out the images for some fiery scenes and multiple exposure style shots.

So this was an introduction to a new genre of music to me - Hardcore! The guys were largely in sports gear and baseball caps and the women looked like they were dressed up for a heavy night at Oceana! I had been warned that it would get a bit rowdy so I took a step back from the dance floor to gauge it and I am glad that I did! I also learned that Toby on lights had been told to make it dark (great for a photographer!) and the bouncer had been told to mostly leave them to it!

Overturn were first on (having turned up late and nearly missing their spot!) and after 3 notes someone cartwheeled across the floor and started windmilling into a group of people who were stood on the edge - who were loving it! After a few seconds they pushed him off and he cartwheeled over to the other side and did the same on the other side. Generally there was a lot of weird dancing, shouting and hitting one another. I'll be honest I really didn't get it, but each to their own as the crowd had a great time! 

Higher Power were slightly more tonal than Overturn, but more of the same letting loose ensued. I can't really comment about the music played by the leads band, or even the show, other than to say it was energetic and well received.

Check out my youtube channel for clips and see more below for the full album. 


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