Hastag Generator Tool for Instagram

Hopefully you all follow my Instagram account! Anyone using Instagram a lot will be aware that to get people interacting hashtags are a major part of any post. The trouble is that getting the right hashtags can be a pain, especially as it already takes such a long time to post to the 'gram.

My developer friend, Ed Leeman, has built a new tool so that you can upload images and it will create a selection of hashtags based on the content.

How It Works

Using the tool is fairly simple - drag and drop or click to upload - then generate hashtags. The copy to clipboard also makes it easy for pasting straight into Instagram via mobile.

In the background, the tool uses Google's new AI tool for image recognition. This clever tool will be part of the new Google Lens tool, but the engine in the background is already open to developers. 

In the picture you can see some beautiful Lupins that I photographed last year, and the hashtags it found were: 

#plant #flower #flora #lupin #lupinusmutabilis #plantstem #floweringplant

Pretty cool, I think you will agree! If you would like to see more, either the tool or my Instagram account, please follow the buttons below:


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