DMA's and Cassava at The 1865

So Ricky, promoter for the Joiners and owner of WrongWayRound PunkRock, invited me down to an event that he ran at The 1865 in Southampton. With the DMA's headlining and local hot-shots Cassava supporting, its not hard to imagine that the night was sold out with 750 tickets sold!

As a fan of Radio X, I constantly hear about excitement over Oasis getting back together, or some Gallagher brother bringing out some (lame) new music! Well people need look no further.

The DMA's, whilst having an annoying apostrophe in the name, are actually out there doing it. Whilst bringing a lot of the nostalgic sound of the 90's hay day of Oasis, their modern and fresh feel is why they are doing so well.

I think there could be some work done on livening up the live show for small venues, but they suit a big stadium very well, which is what they have done at festivals all summer.

Cassava are a Southampton based band and as usual were absolutely incredible. Crossing the line between modern punk rock and old-school indie rock, they are really making a name for themselves this year.

As a side note, I'd like to say that the Southampton crowd are always so incredible!

See some of my favourite photos from the night below. I have also included a link to the full gallery in the See Also section, so check it out and see if you can spot yourself if you were one of the riotous lot that was there on the night!


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