09-15 Scarlett-Baby-Studio-Photoshoot - JLawrence Photography


Gemma contacted me, wanting to get some studio photos of her beautiful 3 week old daughter Scarlett. Based not far from the JLawrence Photography studio in Totton, Southampton, she walked around to have a studio session with a range of props. 

Scarlett was already very wriggly, and was wide awake for the start of the shoot. She also had a little cry here and there, but I find the basket is really nice for rocking them to sleep. I often have parents who are a bit stressed about how the children are in the studio, but Gemma came across very relaxed and Scarlett soon settled. 

I was really pleased with the outcome, and Gemma is looking forward to surprising her partner with the beautiful prints of their daughter. Check out a few of my favorites here and see the full set at the link below, where you can buy prints and keepsakes.  

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