Urban Voodoo Machine at the Joiners

It has been roughly a year since I photographed the Urban Voodoo Machine and I was excited to see them play at the Joiners again. With the steampunk rockabilly style, it is easy to see the show as just a load of somber comedic madness. But the odes to fallen friends that nearly had a very full dance floor in tears (me included) were testament that there is a lot of substance behind the theatrical.

I was also delighted that the support act was Mad King Ludwig and the Mojo Co., who were not only excellent, but the perfect paring for the Urban Voodoo Machine. 

A couple of side notes! Firstly, its refreshing how keen Mad King Ludwig are to tag in those who provided photos - a lot of photographers get very frustrated by artists using free images and not tagging them in, yet they are very appreciative when they do get a mention. And the two reactions are either legal threats, or the more common suffer in silence and bitter resentment! So thanks for the shout out. 

Second side note goes to people with mobile phones! I was asked by someone using an expensive mobile phone (mid set) how I was "filtering out that blue light". Simple answer is with a proper camera in manual hundreds of hours of study and practice.There's a saying that a good photographer can take a good photo no matter what they are taking it with, but there's nothing that can be taught on the spot to someone starting on a mobile - just saying! I recently had a conversation with my friend Rhona Murphy, who is a fantastic photographer btw, about the amazement that people will spend thousands on pro gear and leave it in auto, and wonder why their photos don't look amazing! It's not as easy as it looks. 

As usual, here are some of my favorite images, with the full set in the link below. 

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Urban Voodoo Machine at the Joiners

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