09-31 Sundara Karma at The 1865 - JLawrence Photography

Sundara Karma at The 1865

The 1865 is one of the larger music venues in Southampton, with a capacity of 750 standing. The Joiners did an amazing job of hosting a sold out event there once again, with indie band Sundara Karma. 

Sundara Karma are UK indie rock band that are starting to hit the big time, as could be seen by there massive tour bus and articulated lorry! I thought it was all a bit over the top until I saw how much kit they have, which I also thought was over the top until I saw their live show. There's a reason that they have long queues of teenage girls waiting hours before the show outside the tour bus, and I don't think their androgynous beauty is the only reason. As well as a full list of anthemic indie songs, their energetic live show had a certain 70s-80s heavy rock feel mixed with a light show that was more suited to a new wave/elctro pop music video. I would normally suggest that people go and see them on their current tour, but you will be lucky to get tickets!

Their tour is supported by the Magic Gang who are doing a fantastic job of getting the crowd going. With a strong song line-up and an energetic stage show, they got a large crowd really going for the main act. I also appreciated the attempt to appeal to the locals with the Southampton football shirt worn by the drummer - a word of advice, people from Portsmouth often travel to Southampton for gigs!

Finally, the night was kicked off by Uxbridge based band Bloxx. With a distinctive alt rock/indie sound, I enjoyed photographing an energetic live performance.

Check out a few of my favorite shots here, and see the full set in the see also section below.

Sundara Karma - Flame (Official Video)

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