10-28 Beaulieu Motor Museum Fireworks - JLawrence Photography

10-28 Beaulieu Motor Museum Fireworks

Beaulieu is famous across the country for its motor museum and monorail. The week before Bonfire night, they hold a huge fireworks display, with fayre ground rides, food stalls and entry to the various different facilities on the site. I took the opportunity to try some low light shots with my new Canon 6D mkii and 24-70mm mkii lens. 

Mounted on a tripod, in bulb mode, I was using the wireless functionality and canon app to trigger the start and stop of the exposure. The aperture was set wide - around f10 to f12, with a variance on the ISO depending on what type of shot I wanted. Most was done around the ISO100-ISO250 mark, to get those nice long exposures where I could add multiple fireworks to the shot. There are a couple of shots that I took that had a an ISO nearer the 1000-2000 mark, giving a much more frozen shot. 

Before I get started with the firework shots, there are a couple of shots of the venue to give an idea of the low light quality of the camera. There is a lot of talk about grain etc, which I understand to be in correction rather than actual shots. I think its fairly clear from these images that if you get the exposure correct, grain is not an issue! 

With regard to the fireworks, they were spectacular, I am always impressed with the timing of fireworks to music and they did a fantastic job!

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