11-19 Scarlett MacDonald

What feels like a long time ago, I was a guitarist in a band called "On The Case". We were in ourselves ok musicians, however we were a fairly ropey band. Then we added Bex to a mix, and her amazing vocals took us to a whole new level. Earlier this year I did some studio photos with her to help promote her solo work.

Since then, Bex and her husband Damian have had a beautiful daughter, Scarlett, and I have had the honour of doing a baby and family photoshoot with them. Bex offered me the fatal words "she's always quiet, so she will be easy to work with!" So Scarlett decided to give us a run for our money for the fair majority of the shoot! This isn't unusual, but it wasn't my first time and we worked around the odd tantrum and I think we got some beautiful images. Here are some of my favourites.


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