11-25 Western Sand

Western Sand were supported by Black Tree Vultures for this classic heavy rock extravaganza at the Joiners in Southampton, photographed by JLawrence Photography. It was a fantastic gig, with the fairly newly formed Black Tree Vultures doing a fantastic job of getting the crowd going. 

Western Sand were of course a polished act, with a mix of lively visuals and hard hitting songs. As usual the heavy rock style brought an older audience to the venue, but also an unusually high number of photographers. As is often the way with a small venue with no pit area, there was a lot of competition for photo space, which most respected. Unfortunately there were photographers and videographers pushing audience out of the way, as well as getting up on stage (perhaps they were with the band?) and generally the older audience were not enjoying the interruption! 

That said, it was a fantastic night of oldschool rock - check out my favourite photographs here, and see the full album at the link below. 


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