11-27 German Shepherd Puppy Photoshoot

Charlotte is a breeder of German Shepherd dogs based near Portsmouth. As per usual she wanted photos to go in with the dog packs for each owner. Previously, the pups would have gone to a studio, however this litter were somewhat lively! I went to Charlotte's home with my portable studio equipment, to get some shots in a relaxed and comfortable environment - one that does not charge by the hour!

Photographs from my website are all done at a professional print house to a very high standard, so as usual I was pleased with the result.

Here is a selection of each of the pups, to see the full set please see the link below. 

  • orange 1
  • yellow 4
  • brown 3
  • green 1
  • green and blue 2
  • luna 7
  • purple 9
  • blue 7
  • red 2


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