January 20 Outsiderfest at the Joiners

I was invited to photograph Arid Wave's event at the Joiners called Outsiderfest. With a wide range of bands from the South Coast, the event showed off some stunning post grunge and alt bands.

Kicking Graves

Their first gig outside of Brighton, not only were they extremely tight but they put on a great show as well. Kicking graves are definitely a recommended go and see.

Dead Letter

With a real bluesy sound, Dead Letter play a slightly more old school heavy rock feel. Although comfortable in this line up, they could also get away with the more classic rock shows, so get ready to see more of them!

Plastic Minds

I often criticize bands over their lack of stage presence between songs, but Plastic Minds have the banter down. I get the impression that they come and go irregularly, which is a shame as they are a good band with a incredible drummer that carries the band through.

The Gillies

I photographed the Gillies last year for their own event, and a fine bunch of gents they are as well. To start with, they are very tight with playing their songs, and the brothers at the helm have different styles and work well together, even with quite differing styles. This variation may alienate those that are very genre specific, but I enjoyed the variety that having the flexibility brings. I look forward to future gigs and thoroughly recommend getting to one of their shows.

Arid Wave

What a band! Apart from orgainsing Outsiderfest extremely well, their live shows make them one of the best live bands in the Southampton Area. Their heavy post-grunge work tied with a ridiculously energetic show is enough to get any crowd going. , And I believe they even stayed behind to help tidy up the tickertape!

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