June 3rd Emma and Stefan Wedding

Here is a selection of photographs of the beautiful wedding of Emma and Stefan. The ceremony was at Southampton Register Office in the Golden Jubilee Room, with the party at the Dibden Golf Centre. I started the day with Emma and her bridal party at their home in Totton, traveling down to the registry office for what was a lovely ceremony. 

With the day being very bright and sunny, couple's photos were difficult, so we kept things short so that they could enjoy the party. Later in the evening, we took some further photos, as well as some of what has become a bit of a trademark of silhouette photos. 

Emma and Stefan were a fantastic couple and this was a lot of fun to photograph! These are some of my favorite images, check out the full set with the link below. 

  • emma-stefan-wedding-1206
  • emma-stefan-wedding-774
  • emma-stefan-wedding-1347
  • emma-stefan-wedding-775
  • emma-stefan-wedding-1010
  • emma-stefan-wedding-879
  • emma-stefan-wedding-544
  • emma-stefan-wedding-457
  • emma-stefan-wedding-1342
  • emma-stefan-518
  • emma-stefan-546
  • emma-stefan-650
  • emma-stefan-1022
  • emma-stefan-992
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