March 10 Scarecrow Boat at the Joiners

I have known Toby from Scarecrow Boat for a while now with his role at the Joiners, but I have also enjoyed photographing the band on a number of occasions. This night, they headlined and I was not only please to be photographing the show but determined to get a great shot of Toby with one of his trademark jumps.

Starting the night's lineup was folk punk artist Ash Ellis, who provided a fantastic and raw set. He played his newly written track, Ghosts, which I was lucky enough to film as well. 

Next up were the electric Sven, from Portsmouth. With a great stage presence they pulled off a cracking set and are definitely a band to watch. 

Finally, Scarecrow Boat joined us and with their usual flare, with Toby centre stage providing some spectacular jumps and Dom doing some serious vocals, the four local guys rocked the stage and work really well together. Dom even put his back out, but carried on going through the pain!

Check out some of my favourite shots here and see the full set at the see also below. I also threw together this video from clips I took throughout the evening. 

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