May 13 M & Co Romsey

This year the M&Co Romsey fashion show was actually in the shop - this was an interesting change and I had a lot of fun shooting in a more intimate environment. The lighting was nice and bright, though, as is typical with fluorescents, very yellow. Luckily, I am used to handle this, working in an office with very yellow lighting and I am pretty happy with the images. 

Here is a favourites, see the full set in see also section below. Check out the M & Co website to buy the clothes, which were being shown off raising money for Cancer Research UK.

  • mandco-38
  • mandco-54
  • mandco-57
  • mandco-111
  • mandco-129
  • mandco-149
  • mandco-162
  • mandco-165
  • mandco-201
  • mandco-208
  • mandco-241
  • mandco-269
  • mandco-294


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