May 15th Emma and Stefan Engagement

Emma and Stefan had their engagement photoshoot at some beautiful grounds between Romsey and Southampton.

As is so often the case, neither of them were keen on having their photo taken. However, after only a short while they were relaxed and having fun and we got some really beautiful images of them.

Here are a few favourites of mine, check out the full set in the See also section below. The gallery for the wedding is in there as well, a blog for that will be coming soon!

  • emma-stefan-82
  • emma-stefan-13-Edit
  • emma-stefan-91
  • emma-stefan-99
  • emma-stefan-251-Edit
  • emma-stefan-401
  • emma-stefan-297
  • emma-stefan-326
  • emma-stefan-460
  • emma-stefan-52


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