May 16 Skegss at the Joiners

Australian punk rockers Skegss recently played the Joiners in Southampton. The place was packed and the crowd was well up for it - hence a few crowd shots getting into this blog! One thing that took my notice one of the girls in the front row getting kicked in the head by a crowd surfer. Toby Cregan (Two String Toby!) immediately ran over to make sure she was ok - but they build em tough around here and she was! I only point this out because the modern idea of punk rock has so much more community than the aggressive 90s view that I grew up with.

Check out the Skegss facebook page and give them a follow for upcoming shows.

Support was from Southampton bands Lighten Up Laura and Jetski Babylon.

See some of my favourite images here, with the full set linked in See Also below. 

  • skegss-joiners-1235
  • skegss-joiners-920
  • skegss-joiners-299
  • skegss-joiners-1100
  • skegss-joiners-1335
  • skegss-joiners-1203
  • skegss-joiners-1643
  • skegss-joiners-1514


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