May 2 I wanna play Common People

Common People is becoming a big festival, with some big names playing mixed in with local acts, playing in Southampton and Oxford. This competition was for up-and-coming acts in the Southampton area to play at the Common People Festival. Having played in several rounds, this was the final, with some great musicians and performers who had already won their place here.

All five bands were playing at the Joiners, with Rob da Bank, Ricky Bates and Steph N from BBC Introducing were there to judge:

Freya Beer

Blue Canary 

Regal as Kings


Posh Ellen

It was a close run battle, so close they chose two winners! If you are a regular reader of my photography blog, you will already know that I am a big fan of Posh Ellen and so was very pleased that they got through. Also fantastic winners were the energetic Pivotal.

It struck me that it very much helped to bring a lot of support. It sounds kind of obvious, but a crowd that is already on your side very much helps with the overall feeling of the performance. Pivotal do a fantastic job of marketing themselves, including paid for facebook campaigns - something for bands to take note of. 

Here are a few favourite photos, check out the rest from the links below.

  • wanna-common-people-140
  • wanna-common-people-286
  • wanna-common-people-4
  • wanna-common-people-342
  • wanna-common-people-524
  • wanna-common-people-508
  • wanna-common-people-585
  • wanna-common-people-1005
  • wanna-common-people-1142
  • wanna-common-people-1367
  • wanna-common-people-1382
  • wanna-common-people-1393


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